The Age of Personalised Medicine : Genes, Privacy and Discrimination ?

le jeudi 21 juillet 2011 de 14:00 à 16:30

Charles Darwin Conference Centre
, 12 Roger Street,
London WC1N 2JU

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This is the fourth and final symposium of BioCentre’s 2010-11 series, entitled "Revolution, Regulation and Responsibilities : Technology and democracy in the 21st Century" and is co-hosted with The Biochemical Society.

The sequencing of the human genome ushered in a revolution in terms of our understanding of health and disease. The application of genetic and genomic information in helping to form diagnosis, prognosis and treatment promises to offer more specific and efficient healthcare provision for the patient, giving rise to what many refer to as ‘personalized medicine’.

With this ‘new medicine’ has come a consumerist approach to healthcare and the new technologies available have been seized upon by businesses offering genetic profiling and online medicine services. Already patients have easy access to genetic tests run by various labs and over the counter (“direct to consumer” or DTC kits) without being properly informed as to the risks involved and the interpretation of results. Likewise, with increasing amounts of personal genetic information being generated for both research and healthcare, concerns have also been raised concerning personal privacy, data security and the potential for discrimination.

This symposium will therefore seek to appraise current developments and consider the current legal and regulatory position for their use before taking time to reflect and assess the future impact on society.