Implementing palliative care for newborns in various care settings. Part 3 of "Palliative care in the neonatal period"

NéonatologieEthique du soin

Bétrémieux P, Gold F, Parat S, Farnoux C, Rajguru M, Boithias C, Mahieu-Caputo D, Jouannic JM, Hubert P, Simeoni U.

Unité de réanimation pédiatrique, hôpital Sud, CHU, 16, boulevard de Bulgarie, BP 90347, 35203 Rennes cedex 2, France.

Palliative care in newborns may take place in the delivery room and then continued either in maternity wards or in the neonatal unit. For babies developing a chronic condition, going home may be advantageous. The population concerned includes babies born with a severe intractable congenital malformation and certain extremely preterm newborn babies at the limits of viability. Care procedures as well as withholding and withdrawing treatments are reviewed.

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